When dreams come true.

Festive setting: a winter wonderland in Berlin, cosy warmth in Munich CB.e unifies two different interpretations of Christmas in a single concept.

This year, CB.e will be designing the Christmas decoration for the Mercedes-Benz Galleries in Berlin and Munich. Two locations with two different interpretations of Christmas, unified into a single concept. Its tagline:

When dreams come true.
We wish you wonderful holidays.

The holiday greetings are our connecting element. Terms such as Love, Happiness, Peace are written across the gleaming, polished windows of the Mercedes-Benz Galleries in different languages. They put passersby a cosy, festive mood.

A winter wonderland in BerlinThe Berlin Gallery represents the modern Christmas spirit. Our design has an artificial feeling to it; we play with shapes and forego colour almost entirely. It features modern, light decorative elements: reindeer and paper snowflakes. The key visual is a polygonal mountainscape. It is a recurring element that is also represented on the gallery screens.

Cosy warmth in Munich

Unlike the Berlin design, Munich is bathed in red and orange. We use typical Christmas elements, such as red baubles, sledges and Christmas presents. The key visual also exudes cosy warmth: candlelight and glittering, festive Christmas baubles.

Mercedes-Benz presents a special highlight: besides its current models, there are classic cars from the 20s and 30s. Its colours match the two Christmas scenes.

Berlin models:

Mercedes-Benz Mannheim 370 S Cabriolet A – 1931
Mercedes-Benz 720 SSK (27/170/225 PS) – 1928

Munich models:

Mercedes 6/25/40 PS – series production from 1923
Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet D – 1937
Mercedes-Benz 630K Tourer – 1924–1929

Greetings home

This year’s giveaway matches the tagline: visitors receive red-and-white ribbons featuring the Mercedes-Benz holiday greetings. This ensures that the festive message is carried beyond the gallery.

Photo copyright: Daimler AG