Transforming users into paying customers

Display ad campaigns for high-speed internet and digital television in the private customer segment.

Deutsche Telekom uses a majority of its budget for performance-oriented online marketing. The company intends to consolidate its position as a top player on the market for high-speed internet and digital television.

Our task was to create powerful HTML advertising material and adapting the ATL campaigns to boost online sales.

Digiden enthralls users with short stories of 15 seconds or less. Every year, we create thousands of banners to market the high-speed internet products MagentaZuhause and EntertainTV. Our online campaigns focus on new product benefits, sales, and adaptations of recent ATL campaigns. Almost all of them feature a clear invitation to buy.

We design the display ads with HTML, JavaScript and CSS to incorporate innovative animations, interactivity and automated playback of contents that are sourced from databases and the cloud and aimed specifically at the target group. The campaigns are published in a variety of formats, special formats and mobile advertising materials.

Display Ad Kampagnen Telekom