There’s a fox around.

Interactive exhibition modules and video projections

The information centre at the Vessertal biosphere reserve in Thuringia allows visitors to experience and understand the local nature. A permanent exhibition introduces the diverse flora and fauna of the region. CB.e produces interactive exhibition modules and video projections for the project.

Impressive, large-scale recordings show the wilderness of the local woods. Super-slow motion introduce 40 plant and animal species. Another projection features visually reduced animations and silhouettes of landscapes to recount the changing scenery of the Vessertal over the seasons.

Using a slider, visitors get to watch the journey of a drop of water from the source all the way to the North Sea. The interactive graphic shows the lively scenery of a German river and its surrounding towns and landscapes.

Another interactive station teaches how an upland moor comes about. Through an animated video, it explains the development of the moor over the course of centuries.

During a screen-based game with action camera clips, visitors guess four of the most popular winter sports available in the Thuringian Forest.