Post-merger spirit

An information and participation campaign supports the merger.

In January, 2011, AOK Berlin-Brandenburg and AOK Mecklenburg-Vorpommern merged into a new, larger company: AOK Nordost. The 6000 employees will first meet their new colleagues at the employees’ meeting, which aims to lay the foundations for a new “spirit of AOK Nordost”.

The event will allow the new team to meet and mingle under the tagline “Writing history together”. A range of interactions aims to break the ice between the new colleagues. Participants get to use an online tool called “Ask the Management” ahead of the meeting to submit questions, rate questions submitted by others and actively shape the agenda together. A filming team visits sites in all three regions, capturing employees’ opinions about the merger. Colleagues who are busy keeping the support hotlines running will get to join the meeting by live stream.

The choir of the new AOK Nordost will be the musical highlight of the day. Composed of members from all hierarchies, it will reinterpret the song from the new AOK advert to an audience of around 6000 new colleagues.

A successful start for AOK Nordost – standing ovations abound!