Peaceful intercultural dialogue

A digital platform for members facilitates dialogue – anywhere, anytime.

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is unique in Europe. The educational programme encourages young people to engage with current European issues and experience peaceful intercultural dialogue. The EYP exists in 40 countries, connecting youths all over Europe. 

CB.e Digital has developed a members’ platform to facilitate the decentralised coordination of around 600 international events. It combines a range of functions: event organisation, registration, participant support and subsequent evaluation of event participants. 

All members have their own, individual profile containing personal details and event activities. A messenger system allows them to communicate with each other (one to one) or the event managers and groups of participants (one to many) directly through the platform.

The system is integrated into the social-media channels Twitter and Facebook for the purpose of spreading news and event information. Individual social-media profiles and hashtags are linked to the platform. They are broadcast in the news stream and on the event websites.