Next Generation

CB.e commits to supporting young talent.

We are founding member and partner agency for the conceptual major treibhaus 0.8: This is where young corporate designer learn all about creative conceptualizing. You learn how to stage brands and messages. You learn how to create strong ideas and how to play around with communication channels virtuosically.

Since 2008, we are involved with other leading german agencies and treibhaus 0.8. It’s the first and only media traineeship for live communication. It includes a paid full-time position in Creation/Conception and 300 hours intercorporate education with the best creatives in the industry. Learn more on treibhaus 0.8.

During the Corporate or Live traineeship, you get to know all agency departments and the mot important fields of communication within 18 months. You also learn how to look after clients and communicate with them lie and on the job while being coached by seniors. At the end of it you are a Junior Consultant or Junior Project Manager. In the Digital division you can complete a 12 month traineeship to become a Motion Designer or Web Developer.

You can also do an apprenticeship in Media Design for Print and Digital Media in our Creative Department. We also train as an Office Manager in our Finance Department.

We offer studies-related internships i 4 different departments: Corporate, Digital, Live and Creative - 2D, 3D and Concept. An internship takes 6 months and offers you opportunities to test out your future work environment up close.

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