Multimedia obstacle course in a tunnel

DPDHL GoGreen Tunnel at the DHL Innovation Center

The research and development centre of DHL in Troisdorf (between Cologne and Bonn) informs DPDHL business clients about the technologies and services offered by the company. A multimedia obstacle course allows visitors to experience the topics interactively; at the end of the route, they learn about the GoGreen programme. 

GoGreen has evolved from a sustainability initiative into a fully fledged business segment of DPDHL. It covers monitoring of CO2 emissions, CO2 reduction and CO2 compensation. Our task was to convey this complexity in an approachable and comprehensible format. The presentation designed by CB.e aims to present the “bigger picture” and the interplay of the individual product pillars of GoGreen.

Visitors entering the GoGreen tunnel first see a large, illuminated map of the world that embodies both the harmony and fragility of the ecosystem. A trained guide welcomes the guests to the world of GoGreen.

After the introduction, the guide talks about the GoGreen business segment. The visitors are shown a world map that represents GoGreen: besides key figures about the segment and an introductory video clip, the display visualises the three GoGreen product groups and their interaction along the logistics chain. The combination of animation and personal explanations by the guide teaches the visitors about the main aspects of GoGreen. On other levels, they interactively learn about the parameters involved in influencing the CO2 balance and get to know concrete GoGreen projects.

CB.e also developed a multimedia touchscreen application composed of four synchronised screens that are integrated into an orthogonal panel grid. The four screens form a coherent visual surface. Videos, animations and interactive levels successively familiarises the visitors with GoGreen.

  1. An image film explains the origins and objectives of the programme.
  2. Using a simplified logistics chain, an animated film describes its different product groups.
  3. An interactive level conveys the potential of the products by allowing visitors to solve small, touchscreen-based tasks relating to each product groups.
  4. The fourth level introduces concrete applications of DPDHL, which the users can explore through a navigation unit.

An interface connects the entire system to a media management system, which allows the guide in the GoGreen tunnel to activate the individual layers of the application and navigate between them.