Moving ahead

50Hertz are moving, and our communications are moving their transition ahead.

In 2016, the transmission system operator will move to its new headquarters: the 50Hertz Netzquartier. While the building is being constructed, the company is undergoing a cultural transition. The 50Hertz Netzquartier is to support this process by providing a modern, open, transparent working environment.

50Hertz wishes to instil in its employees a positive attitude about the many changes the relocation will bring. CB.e has developed and implemented a communications concept that relies on transparency, dialogue and participation. 

From a very early stage, the entire team is constantly kept up to date about the progress of the relocation activities through a variety of channels. All employees contribute to their new workplace within the scope of agreed-upon conditions. The Netzquartier project team is open to questions and suggestions. They actively encourage feedback.

The result: attitudes are changing steadily. The company has established great conditions for a new start at the heart of Berlin.

Click here for more impressions from the newly built Netzquartier:


Richtfest Netzquartier
Netzquartier © Luca Abbiento