Image campaign: “More in Berlin”

Visible, authentic, remarkable.

Many residents of Berlin have turned to private banking. It’s PUNK. Or KING!  Maybe SMART, maybe QUEEN. Or simply: HERO. More and more people in Berlin seem to agree. On the streets. In the capital. In public. They might wonder: what about my private banking?

We have implemented an interdisciplinary, collaborative process with Berliner Sparkasse and its clients. The result is our current image campaign: “More in Berlin”.

Besides managing the campaign, we were also responsible for the positioning process.

We used the design thinking method to emphasise the client’s unique selling points and respond to the needs of their own clients. Interviews with said clients yielded important food for thought. In the end, we developed a campaign that exposes the DNA of a value-oriented company that has its roots deep inside Berlin. Private banking for Berlin. Open to diversity.

Berliner Sparkasse. “More in Berlin” is more than just a new corporate identity. It is an authentic image for the Private Banking team of Berliner Sparkasse, which is proudly presenting our campaign to the outside world as we speak.

From the streets to the web: to keep the campaign going online, we designed a microsite about the services and the team of the Berliner Sparkasse Private Banking division. It contains information about the stories behind the faces and their motivation, explaining why their private banking is KING, PUNK, QUEEN, SMART or HERO to them. And why they have found a reliable companion in Berliner Sparkasse.

Imagekampagne zum Private Banking der Berliner Sparkasse