How much Benz do you have in you?

Stories from 100 years of Benz

The Mercedes Benz factory in Mannheim is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2008. Its members of staff proudly refer to themselves as “Benzlers”. They deeply identify with their workplace and its unique tradition.

Daimler Benz has requested an internal communications campaign for the anniversary year.

From a bird’s eye perspective, the factory is heart-shaped – an excellent symbol for the anniversary.

CB.e has developed a slogan to match: “How much Benz do you have in you?”. A book provides the answer. Titled “This is how much Benz you have in you!”, it is a collection of extraordinary, highly personal stories from 100 years of Benz, submitted by the “Benzlers” themselves. The same stories have been used for a typographic makeover of the factory. Abbreviated versions in large letters introduce a visible sense of identity to the facilities. A new guidance system for visitors grants insights into the entire production process chain.

To conclude the anniversary year, an anniversary newspaper was issued. It documents the events of the past 100 years.