High-voltage infrastructure

New, dialogue-based process communications for new forms of energy

Germany’s decision to give up nuclear energy and accelerate its adoption of renewable energies instead requires an expansion of the electricity grid.

Unique design

Since 2011, CB.e has been supporting the association of the four German transmission system operators (TNO) 50Hertz, Amprion, TenneT and TransnetBW with its dialogue-based process communication for the Grid Development Plan Power and the offshore grid development plan. We started out by developing a clear corporate design and a common sender identity for the four TSO. The tagline: “New grids for new forms of energy.” 

A central information platform 

The website netzentwicklungsplan.de contains comprehensive background information and interactive graphics. Its function is that of a central information platform for all stakeholders. Illustrated films visualise the creation of the grid development plan. The website is updated, developed and expanded on a regular basis.

Strategic communications and public relations

CB.e consistently advises the transmission system operators on their strategic communications and public relations. We are also in charge of editing, project management and layouts for their reports. During the consultancy phase, we help them evaluate the content of their public statements. We have designed and implemented an online application with which we record and process these statements; it also allows us to publish the content on the website.

Public participation

CB.e also supports the transmission system operators in their personal communication with stakeholders. We develop and realise information and dialogue events for experts and interested members of the public as well as media events. Our specialist brochures and further information materials provide further details about the grid development plans.

Together with the transmission system operators, we establish transparent processes and options for participation. Our shared goal is to support the grid development process in Germany and improve public acceptance of the expansion.