High voltage on film – how grid planning works

CB.e designs and realises many explanatory film on the Grid Development Plan Power. They give the general public an accessible, multifaceted introduction into the complex topic of grid planning. Genuine grid planners from companies such as 50Hertz, Amprion, TenneT and TransnetBW explain the basics of their work in a friendly, competent and easily comprehensible format.

Since 2011, CB.e has been providing comprehensive PR support for the Grid Development Plan Power of the four transmission system operators (TSO) in Germany. Four explanatory short films present the complex issues of grid planning. Their modern and attractive format is aimed at interested citizens on the digital communication channels. Their purpose is to make the topic of grid planning more accessible and convey a basic understanding of the work done by the transmission system operators.

In the films, experts from 50Hertz, Amprion, TenneT and TransnetBW answer a host of questions about the tasks of the transmission system operator and the work they do. For example: “What does the energy transition mean for the grid expansion? What will the grid be like in the future? What are the tasks of a grid planner? What distinguishes the transmission system operators from the distribution system operators?”

Enhanced with animations, the films introduce the public to the relevant topics in an engaging way. They pave the way for productive dialogue between the TSO and their various stakeholders. To achieve successful communication on an equal footing, those parties who are unfamiliar with the subject must be given accessible information, ideally without jargon. The format goes a long way towards heightening the profile of the TSO as grid-planning experts in Germany.

CB.e works closely with the transmission system operators to conceptualise the explanatory films. Their work includes content development and editorial design. The company also takes care of on-site implementation and supervision, post-production and integration of the films into the Grid Development Plan Power website.