Emotions, a 360° setting and dialogue

Forward Thinking Healthcare: 100 years of Fresenius – A moving fest

The globally operating healthcare corporation Fresenius invited 1200 guests to Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt for a celebration of its 100th anniversary.
CB.e was responsible for the overall concept and realisation of the event, which focused on serving human health. Its task was to set up a dignified, emotional stage for the claim “Forward Thinking Healthcare”.

The setting

First, the audiovisual composition takes the guests on a journey through the history of medicine. We have created a spectacular 360° environment with a sensational musical backdrop: the Babelsberg Film Orchestra playing music by Enis Rothoff. The revolutionary sound system of wave field synthesis creates fascinatingly three-dimensional land- and soundscapes.

The key skills of the healthcare corporation were at the centre of the event. Films about four patients from China, Ghana, Germany and Australia introduce them to the audience. The documentaries emphasise how Fresenius gives new prospects to people all over the world. Afterwards, there is time for dialogues with the protagonists of the films, who have travelled to Frankfurt for the event. This section gives the evening a warm and personal atmosphere. Sophisticated content and good entertainment merge into a dignified, moving evening. The guests gain in-depth insights into the nature of the company. Watch the project film.

Guest management

CB.e developed a digital seating tool for Fresenius’ event. The software is an expansion of the enrio guest management system by CB.e and facilitates smooth and simple seat allocation.