Data protection

With the fol­lo­wing we wish to inform you about how we pro­cess your per­so­nal data and the claims and rights to which you are ent­it­led under the data pro­tec­tion regu­la­ti­ons. This pri­va­cy poli­cy exp­lains to you the natu­re, scope and pur­po­se of the pro­ces­sing of per­so­nal data wit­hin our web­site (her­einaf­ter refer­red to as “web­site”). This pri­va­cy poli­cy app­lies regard­less of the domains and devices used (e.g. desk­top, mobi­le, etc.). Per­so­nal data are all data that are per­so­nal­ly iden­ti­fia­ble to you, e.g. name, address, e-mail addres­ses, user beha­vi­or. Which data is pro­ces­sed in detail and how it is used depends lar­ge­ly on the ser­vices used.

1. Who is responsible for data processing and who can I turn to?
CB.e Clausecker | Bingel AG
Agentur für Kommunikation
Franklinstraße 27
10587 Berlin

Managing Board: Sabine Clausecker, Eberhard Bingel, Mike Petersen
Local Court Charlottenburg Commercial Register: HRB 111483 B 

Phone:+49 30 81884 0 | E-Mail:

2. What sources and data do we use?

We pro­cess per­so­nal data that we recei­ve from you as part of your use of our web­site and, if app­li­ca­ble, our busi­ness rela­ti­ons­hip.
For pure­ly infor­ma­tio­nal use of the web­site, i.e. if you do not regis­ter or other­wi­se pro­vi­de us with infor­ma­ti­on, we only collect the per­so­nal data that your brow­ser trans­mits to our ser­ver. When you visit our web­site, we collect the fol­lo­wing access data, which are tech­ni­cal­ly necessa­ry for us to dis­play our web­site to you and to ensu­re sta­bi­li­ty and secu­ri­ty. The access data inclu­des the IP address, date and time of the request, time zone dif­fe­rence to Green­wich Mean Time (GMT), con­tent of the request (i.e. name of the spe­ci­fi­cal­ly acces­sed web­site), access status/HTTP sta­tus code, data volu­me trans­mit­ted in each case, refer­rer URL (pre­vious­ly visi­ted page), brow­ser type and ver­si­on, ope­ra­ting sys­tem and its inter­face, lan­guage and ver­si­on of the brow­ser soft­ware, noti­fi­ca­ti­on of suc­cess­ful retrie­val.
Fur­ther­mo­re, we recei­ve your per­so­nal data if you con­tact us via con­tact form or e-mail. In this case for ins­tan­ce, per­so­nal data con­sists of name, address, e-mail, tele­pho­ne num­ber, posi­ti­on, com­pa­ny (her­einaf­ter refer­red to as “con­tact data”).

3. Why do we process your data (purpose of the processing) and on what legal basis do we do so?

We pro­cess per­so­nal data in accord­ance with the pro­vi­si­ons of the Euro­pean Gene­ral Data Pro­tec­tion Regu­la­ti­on (GDPR) and the Ger­man Federal Data Pro­tec­tion Act (BDSG) for the fol­lo­wing pur­po­ses and on the basis of the fol­lo­wing sta­tu­tes:


Legal basis

If you have given us your con­sent to the pro­ces­sing of per­so­nal data for cer­tain pur­po­ses, in par­ti­cu­lar the esta­blish­ment of con­tact (e.g. via our con­tact form or via e-mail for pro­ces­sing and hand­ling the inqui­ry), the lega­li­ty of this pro­ces­sing is given on the basis of your con­sent. Con­sent may be revo­ked at any time. Plea­se note that the revo­ca­ti­on will only take effect for the future. Pro­ces­sing that took place befo­re the revo­ca­ti­on is not affec­ted by this.

Con­sent, Art. 6 Sec. 1a GDPR

When con­tac­ting us (via con­tact form or e-mail), your details will be pro­ces­sed in addi­ti­on to any con­sent given for pro­ces­sing the con­tact enqui­ry and its pro­ces­sing, also on the basis of the imple­men­ta­ti­on of pre-con­trac­tu­al mea­su­res, Art. 6 Sec. 1b GDPR.

Exe­cu­ti­on of pre-con­trac­tu­al mea­su­res upon request of the per­son, Art. 6 Sec. 1b GDPR

We pro­cess your access data (see above under point 2) to pro­tect our legi­ti­ma­te inte­rests or tho­se of third par­ties. In par­ti­cu­lar, we pur­sue the fol­lo­wing legi­ti­ma­te inte­rests:

Ensu­ring IT secu­ri­ty, in par­ti­cu­lar that of the web­site;

Adver­ti­sing or mar­ket rese­arch and opi­ni­on pol­ling, to the extent that you have not objec­ted to the use of your data;

Asser­ti­on of legal claims and defen­se in legal dis­pu­tes;

In the con­text of weig­hing up inte­rests in order to safe­guard legi­ti­ma­te inte­rests, Art. 6 Sec. 1f GDPR

4. Who receives my data?

Wit­hin the com­pa­ny, tho­se depart­ments will have access to your data that they requi­re to ful­fil our con­trac­tu­al and legal obli­ga­ti­ons.
Pro­ces­sors used by us (Art. 28 GDPR) may also recei­ve data for the above-men­tio­ned pur­po­ses. The­se are com­pa­nies in the cate­go­ries IT ser­vices, logistics, prin­ting ser­vices, tele­com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons, con­sul­ting and sales and mar­ke­ting. If we use con­tract pro­ces­sors to pro­vi­de our ser­vices, we take appro­pria­te legal pre­cau­ti­ons as well as appro­pria­te tech­ni­cal and orga­ni­za­tio­nal mea­su­res to ensu­re the pro­tec­tion of per­so­nal data in accord­ance with the rele­vant legal regu­la­ti­ons.
Data will only be pas­sed on to third par­ties wit­hin the frame­work of legal requi­re­ments. We only pass on user data to third par­ties if this is necessa­ry, e.g. on the basis of Art. 6 Sec. 1 lit. b. GDPR for con­trac­tu­al pur­po­ses or on the basis of legi­ti­ma­te inte­rests pur­suant to Art. 6 Sec. 1 lit. f. GDPR to an eco­no­mic and effec­tive ope­ra­ti­on of our busi­ness or you have con­sen­ted to the data trans­fer. In the pure­ly infor­ma­tio­nal use of the web­site, we do not pass on any data to third par­ties.

5. How long will my data be stored?

For secu­ri­ty rea­sons (e.g. to inves­ti­ga­te misu­se or fraud), log file infor­ma­ti­on is stored for a maxi­mum of 4 weeks and then dele­ted (see point 2 above). Data who­se fur­t­her sto­ra­ge is requi­red for evi­den­tia­ry pur­po­ses are exclu­ded from dele­ti­on until the respec­tive inci­dent has been ulti­mate­ly cla­ri­fied.
If necessa­ry, we pro­cess and store your per­so­nal data for the dura­ti­on of our busi­ness rela­ti­ons­hip, which also inclu­des, for examp­le, the initia­ti­on and pro­ces­sing of a con­tract with a con­tact form or by e-mail.
In addi­ti­on, we are sub­ject to various sto­ra­ge and docu­men­ta­ti­on obli­ga­ti­ons, which result, among other things, from the Ger­man Com­mer­ci­al Code (HGB) and the Tax Code (AO). The peri­ods for sto­ra­ge and docu­men­ta­ti­on spe­ci­fied the­re ran­ge from two to ten years.
In the end, the sto­ra­ge peri­od is also asses­sed accord­ing to the sta­tu­to­ry limi­ta­ti­on peri­ods, which, for examp­le, accord­ing to §§ 195 ff. of the Ger­man Civil Code (BGB) may as a rule be 3 years, but in cer­tain cases also up to thir­ty years, wher­e­by the regu­lar sta­tu­te of limi­ta­ti­ons is 3 years.

6. Will data be transferred to a third country or an international organization?

The data pro­vi­ded will be pro­ces­sed wit­hin the Euro­pean Uni­on and in the USA. Plea­se note that for reci­pi­ents of your data in coun­tries without a ade­quacy reso­lu­ti­on veri­fied by the Com­mis­si­on under Arti­cle 45 GDPR, as is the case with the US, we eit­her ensu­re that they are cer­ti­fied under the EU-US Pri­va­cy Shield (such as Goog­le) or have agreed EU stan­dard data pro­tec­tion clau­ses with the­se reci­pi­ents. This is in order to pro­tect your data and to achie­ve an appro­pria­te level of pro­tec­tion for your per­so­nal data. You have the opti­on of obtai­ning or viewing copies of the EU stan­dard data pro­tec­tion clau­ses. If requi­red, plea­se con­tact us using the con­tact details given above under point 1.

7. What data protection rights do I have?

Every per­son effec­ted has the right to
• Infor­ma­ti­on as per Art. 15 GDPR
• Rec­tifi­ca­ti­on as per Art. 16 GDPR
• Dele­ti­on as per Art. 17 GDPR
• Restric­tion of the pro­ces­sing as per Art. 18 GDPR as well as
• Data por­ta­bi­li­ty from Art. 20 GDPR.

Fur­ther­mo­re, you may revo­ke con­sent, effec­tive for the future.
Bey­ond that, the­re is a right to appeal to a data pro­tec­tion super­vi­so­ry aut­ho­ri­ty (Art. 77 GDPR in con­junc­tion with § 19 BDSG).
In addi­ti­on, we would like to draw atten­ti­on to your right to object as per Art. 21 GDPR:

Infor­ma­ti­on about your right to object as per Art. 21 GDPR

You have the right to object at any time for rea­sons ari­sing from your par­ti­cu­lar situa­ti­on to the pro­ces­sing of per­so­nal data con­cer­ning you under Arti­cle 6(1)(e) GDPR (Data Pro­ces­sing in the Public Inte­rest) and Arti­cle 6(1)(f) of the Gene­ral Data Pro­tec­tion Regu­la­ti­on (Data Pro­ces­sing on the basis of a balan­ce of inte­rests), inclu­ding pro­filing based on this pro­vi­si­on in terms of Arti­cle 4(4) GDPR, which we use for ques­ti­onn­aire eva­lua­ti­on or for pro­mo­tio­nal pur­po­ses.

If you object, we will no lon­ger pro­cess your per­so­nal data, unless we can pro­ve com­pel­ling rea­sons worthy of pro­tec­tion for the pro­ces­sing, which out­weigh your inte­rests, rights and free­doms, or the pro­ces­sing ser­ves to assert, exer­cise or defend legal claims.

In indi­vi­du­al cases we pro­cess your per­so­nal data for direct mar­ke­ting pur­po­ses. You have the right to object at any time to the pro­ces­sing of per­so­nal data con­cer­ning you for the pur­po­se of such adver­ti­sing; this also app­lies to pro­filing, inso­far as it is asso­cia­ted with such direct adver­ti­sing. If you object to the pro­ces­sing for direct adver­ti­sing pur­po­ses, we will no lon­ger pro­cess your per­so­nal data for the­se pur­po­ses.

The objec­tion can be made form-free and the­re are no other costs than the trans­mis­si­on costs accord­ing to the basic tariffs.

If pos­si­ble, the objec­tion must be sent to:

CB.e Clausecker | Bingel AG
Agentur für Kommunikation
Franklinstraße 27
10587 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 81884 0 | E-Mail:

8. Other Web sites and Social Networking Services:

Our Web site may contain links to other web sites not maintained by CB.e. Other web sites may also reference or link to our Web site.  The inclusion of a link on the Web site does not imply endorsement of the linked site by us.  We are not responsible for the privacy practices of websites operated by third parties that are linked to or integrated with our Web site, or for the privacy practices of third party Internet advertising companies. We encourage you to be aware when you leave our Web site, or surf the Internet, and to read the privacy statements of each and every web site that you visit.

The Website may integrate with social networking services.  You understand that we do not control such services and are not liable for the manner in which they operate.  While we may provide you with the ability to use such services in connection with our Web site, we are doing so merely as an accommodation and, like you, are relying upon those third party services to operate properly and fairly.

9. Is there an obligation on my part to provide data?

Wit­hin the frame­work of our web­site, you must pro­vi­de the per­so­nal data that is tech­ni­cal­ly or for IT secu­ri­ty rea­sons necessa­ry for the use of our web­site. If you do not pro­vi­de the above infor­ma­ti­on, you may not use our web­site.
When con­tac­ting us by form or e-mail, you only need to pro­vi­de the per­so­nal data requi­red to pro­cess your request. Other­wi­se, we will not be able to pro­cess your request.

10. Cookies

Coo­kies are infor­ma­ti­on that is trans­fer­red from our web ser­ver or third-par­ty web ser­vers to the user’s web brow­ser and stored the­re for later retrie­val. Coo­kies are small files or other types of infor­ma­ti­on sto­ra­ge. Coo­kies are used for secu­ri­ty pur­po­ses or are requi­red to ope­ra­te our web­site (e.g. for opti­mal pre­sen­ta­ti­on of the web­site on various end devices) or to save your deci­si­on when con­fir­ming our coo­kie ban­ner.
We cur­r­ent­ly do not use “ses­si­on coo­kies”, i.e. coo­kies that are only stored for the dura­ti­on of the cur­rent visit to our web­site. In the fol­lo­wing sec­tion we will inform you about the use of coo­kies in the con­text of web­site tracking.
If you do not want coo­kies to be stored on your com­pu­ter, you can deac­tiva­te the cor­re­spon­ding opti­on in the sys­tem set­tings of your brow­ser. Stored coo­kies can be dele­ted in the sys­tem set­tings of the brow­ser. Plea­se note that the deac­tiva­ti­on of coo­kies can lead to func­tio­nal limi­ta­ti­ons of this web­site.
You may object to the use of coo­kies that ser­ve the pur­po­se of web­site tracking and adver­ti­sing by means of the net­work adver­ti­sing initia­ti­ve or the Ame­ri­can web­site or the Euro­pean web­site

11. Matomo (formerly: PIWIK)

Our website uses Matomo (formerly: PIWIK). This is open-source software with which we can analyze the use of our site. Data such as your IP address, the pages you visit, the website from which you came (referrer URL), the duration of your visit, and the frequency of your visits is processed.

Matomo stores a cookie on your device via your browser in order to collect this data. This cookie is valid for one week.

The legal basis is Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f) GDPR. Our legitimate interest lies in the analysis and optimization of our website.

We use Matomo with the "Automatically Anonymize Visitor IPs" function. This anonymization function truncates your IP address by two bytes so that it is impossible to assign it to you or to the internet connection you are using.

If you do not agree to this processing, you have the option of preventing the installation of cookies by making the appropriate settings in your browser. Further details can be found in the section about cookies above.

In addition, you have the option of terminating the analysis of your usage behavior by opting out. By confirming the link


a cookie is stored on your device via your browser to prevent any further analysis. Please note, however, that you must click the above link again if you delete the cookies stored on your end device.

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Through certification according to the EU-US Privacy Shield

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If you register for our free newsletter, the data requested from you for this purpose, i.e. your email address and, optionally, your name and address, will be processed by The Rocket Science Group. In addition, your IP address and the date and time of your registration will be saved. During the registration process, your consent to receive this newsletter will be obtained together with a concrete description of the type of content it will offer and reference made to this privacy policy.

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The legal basis for sending the newsletter and the analysis is Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. a) GDPR.

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