Consultation databases for easier public participation

Grid Development Plan Power: an online application creates transparency and facilitates stakeholder communication.

Every year, the four German transmission system operators 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Amprion GmbH, TenneT TSO GmbH and Transnet BW GmbH develop and publish the Grid Development Plan Power. It accompanies the ongoing expansion of the country’s electricity infrastructure. In the study, the companies estimate to which extent the German electricity grid will need to be expanded over the course of the next ten years. Following every new publication, citizens, companies, communities and organisations are given a certain period of time to comment on the drafts. Their feedback is recorded, examined and processed. But how would you feel if you suddenly received fifty times more work e-mails and letters within a single year? More than 26,000 comments were submitted within an extremely short space of time – compared to a mere 500 in the preceding year.

Participation and collaboration

To solve this problem, CB.e has developed a consultation database that accelerates and simplifies handling while increasing transparency. This system now ensures that the transmission system operators keep abreast of the feedback, allowing them to sort comments by region and topic. More importantly, the online application and its interactive modules facilitate the successful collaboration of four major German companies.

We have been designing highly customised online applications for different purposes and requirements for several years, both within and across companies. This even includes work among project partners from different industries. We also support the rollout of the tools by way of communication. Our online systems help our clients solve complex problems and conclude projects. They considerably simplify collaborative work across all areas. These benefits make them an important tool in the field of stakeholder communication. 

Ein Screenshot der Kommunikationsdatenbank