Change & Internal Communications

Ready for Change?

Digital transformation forces companies and organizations to change – regardless if they want to or not. Pressure is coming from all sides: whether it’s the frequently invoked disruption or social and political expectations need to be fulfilled. The question of particular interest is: Do you actively create change or do you simply adapt to new developments reactively?

While classic change projects are usually reasonable, based on a clear strategy and contain concrete purposes - such as the introduction of a new software or a move - transformation processes are a lot more complex nowadays. They include a variety of factors that influence one another: new technologies, agile work processes, modified demands for communication and participation as well as lifelong learning, just to name a few. Change became constant. This forces management, communication and HR to face enormous challenges: complexity, insecurity and velocity constantly increase. Changeability, creativity and innovative skills are relevant requirements in order to be sustainable and successful in volatile and dynamic times.

How do you stay on top of things? How do you keep track of what’s really important? And how do you manage to overcome pushbacks and excite your employees to co-create your transformation?

Internal Communication in a State of Flux

Digital transformation changes the way we think, feel and act – and consequently, the way communicate and work. Communication has developed accordingly over the last years: back then top-down or a one way street, today it works in a conversational and participatory way and at eye level. It’s not about communicating organisation anymore, it’s shifted to organizing communication.

Our Deliverables

We accompany you from concept and consulting all the way to implementation and evaluation. Our service portfolio includes but is not limited to:

•          Strategic consulting during change processes

•          Concept and implementation of workshops innovative and creative processes

•          Support with introducing agile work methods

•          Developments of employee apps and social intranets

•          Development and introduction of policies

•          Support with cultural change processes

•          Reorganization of internal communication

•          Employer Branding

•          Coaching, Supervision, Workshops, and Trainings

•          Measurement of success

Communication as key to successful change processes

Communication is a crucial factor. It ought to elaborate change and ensure acceptance and motivation, so that management and employees understand the change’s purpose. We accompany you with our consulting approach “Prinzip Umdenken” (“Principle Rethinking”) our methodical competence and our experience and use all of those to decide on the best suitable strategy for you. While seeing the bigger picture and showing lots of empathy. Hands-on and pragmatic, yet passionate. Together with colleagues from the other divisions we map out the entire service value chain: from digital solutions, 2D and 3D design to events, exhibitions as well as campaigns and marketing processes. We work closely intertwined and interdisciplinarily. Additionally, there’s a whole eco system of partners in place: BDG, re´public and HR consulting agencies.

Our partner

Montua Partner Communications Hamburg is our associated partner (

Our clients

Our clients are our partners, we work out concepts and strategies together in a co-working process. We consult international corporations, medium-sized companies and public institutions.