Design Department

Every second has the potential to be special.

Communication must move, inspire and delight you. How we achieve that? We’ve got an idea, but we can’t quite put it into words. Let’s just say: our Creative Department is full of curious minds. That’s why we always start by listening. Listening is harder than it sounds. Instead of judging, we think outside the box. In interdisciplinary teams that use multidimensional methods. We know a lot about things that others might consider superfluous: we can recite entire film scrips and know which designer created a groundbreaking style in which year. We can stand in a room and wait for it to speak to us, teach us the right approach to an upcoming event. We ensure that only extraordinary communication measures with unique images, moving stories and excellent graphics leave our house.

When it comes to immersing ourselves in a new topic, we turn into marathon runners. We research and we learn. We laugh a lot and maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere. Creative work can only take place if you dare to be courageous. If that’s not a given, the project won’t go anywhere. We create conditions for creativity to flourish. We are mad. But just a bit. Every now and then, someone will pat our head and tell us we have done well. That doesn’t mean we get to sleep in, though. We shape rooms and stages, trade fairs and exhibitions. We write, design, think, create perfect drawings and room plans, develop claims and extraordinary ideas. All to make our clients happy. Once we have achieved that – no sooner! – we might get to snooze for a little longer in the morning. Maybe.

Whichever one of our departments will be working with you: our brand essence always drives our thoughts and actions.

CB.e affects. People. Brands. Topics.