BP Forum

BP publicly discusses economic and energy policies.

The company is hosting a forum for around 200 high-ranking guests, including politicians, economists, NGOs and media representatives to discuss current and future energy supply challenges.

CB.e developed the BP Forum 2011 in the form of a constructive, inner dialogue. Since then, it has been responsible for all events of the series. The range of topics includes mobility, global developments on the energy market and the annual presentation of the “BP Statistical Review of World Energy”.

All topics will be discussed by high-profile speakers and panellists, such as Bernhard Mattes, Chairman of the Management Board at Ford-Werke AG, Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister, Liming Chen, President of BP China, and Prof. Edda Müller, President of Transparency International Germany.

Forum topics include “Europe 2020 – how much wealth and industry do we want?” and “Industry and quality of life: what do we want to live from, what do we want to live for?”

Since the start of the BP Forum series, the meetings have become a permanent fixture in the event calendar of Berlin.

Overview of past events.