Anchor Award

We power the tunes that move millions of us every day. Design and production of two shows at the Reeperbahn Festival

Pop culture. Music. A universal language that can change the world with riffs, beats and lyrics. On a small and large scale. What other art form always manages to deliver the perfect soundtrack to every imaginable situation in life? Whether we are wearily switching on the radio in the morning or out on the town looking for some nocturnal adventure: music is always with us. 

Music moves us. In September, CB.e had the privilege of moving the international music industry and its fans.

Review: In mid-July, we received an inquiry from Hamburg. The concert agency Neuland Concerts had been asked to realise the global premiere of an international music award as part of the Reeperbahn Festival. They, in turn, asked us if we would like to design this grand event together with them – from the idea down to the final implementation. A name had been chosen already: Anchor 2016.

We’d be thrilled! There’s just one thing... The Reeperbahn Festival is on 21–24 September. The same days pencilled in for the two Anchor events. Eight weeks. Eight weeks until the first Anchor Award would be handed to its deserving winner. Still up for it? It’s quite a task... YES. Again, YES!

We spent eight weeks immersing ourselves in the extraordinary concept of the Reeperbahn Festival, the music industry and 60 years of pop culture. CB.e has developed a range of show concepts for the event and the award ceremony. They are based on each other, yet wildly different. We shaped the corporate language for the video formats and developed the tonality, script and all content of the award ceremony with Neuland Concerts.

Our task was to create an emotional show with an international character that would stand out from conventional award ceremonies. Our key message: music is everything. All artists, managers and listeners share one experience. All of us have fallen in love with a song or a beat in the past. For many of us, this love affair lasts for a lifetime: music is an ubiquitous and important part of all our life stories. it is the backdrop to important developmental milestones and has the power to evoke beautiful memories and associations. This notion was a central element of the opening event and the main show, which lasted around 75 minutes.

Yes, we designed and produced not one but two shows over the course of eight weeks. We also worked intensively with our colleagues from Neuland Concerts and Inferno Events, the producers of the Reeperbahn Festival. It was an exciting time.
The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Enthusiastic voices from the Hamburg culture scene and political sphere agreed: Anchor 2016 hit the spot. It worked, and it was a great world debut. Thank you.

We can’t wait for Anchor 2017.