A “political summit” beyond the pressure of protocols

An ARD meeting in the capital as a platform for encounters, information and communication

Every year, just before the second parliamentary session starts in Germany, Das Erste, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg and ARD-Hauptstadtstudio organise the ARD-Hauptstadttreff in its facilities on Wilhelmstraße in Berlin.
In 2004, CB.e worked with the media organisations for the first time. Its task was to orchestrate the event as a forum for encounters – far removed from the pressures of protocol and everyday business. It has been eleven years since, and CB.e is now responsible for the concept, direction and design of the meeting. Dialogue and human encounters are the most important aspects of the event. Every year, the facilities of the ARD-Hauptstadtstudio are redesigned into a new platform for information and communication. Room and light design merge with the architecture.
This year, a mediatectural projection in the editorial hall visualised different terms that shaped politics and the reporting of ARD in the last year.
Around 500 invited guests from politics and the media enjoyed an inspiring meeting space and opportunities to exchange their views in a relaxed environment.
Since 2011, ARD has been using enrio, our browser-based guest management software.

ARD Hauptstadttreff
ARD Hauptstadttreff